Letting Go

The trees are about to show us

how liberating it is

to let things go,


A blur of Jurassic trunks and octopus branches

once serene jades and emeralds

now spellbinding golds, rubies, ambers

fading embers falling

to leave their skeletal state

what sight is more breathtaking in winter

than these stark silhouettes against a zealous sunrise?


I relish being in attendance

with the morning mist

accompanying a hazy sunrise,

with a preponderance of golden yellow

giving the dark-red maple leaves

a rich, ornate presence

garnets in a Victorian ring.


A ripe apple or pear

their sweet aroma carried

on the crisp air,

to twist one off a branch

and sink your teeth into the crisp

sweet skin

is a primeval instinct

felt from within.


September is satisfying,

content, mellow

like an old friend

saying hello.


The anticipation of autumn

followed by winter’s slumber,

to embrace the darker months

makes the promise of spring

even sweeter.


Days are still warm

with the nights becoming cold,

teasing us with winter

yet summer still keeps hold

it’s why I adore autumn

the best of both.


Every season has its beauties

and its banes,

Nature never stays the same…


her rampant, raging, riotous essence

a passion so rife

it cannot be controlled,

living within me, always

fuelling my heart, my mind,

my soul.


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