I See With My Heart

I see a saucer of milk
skimming the treetops,
I see over a dozen twin droplets
shaken from a pair of whiskers
and my heart

I see the icicle stars
diamanté paw prints
padding across the whole sky,
I see a half-smile
soon to be a grin
and I swear I see the moon slumping
heaving a contented sigh.

I see with my heart
as well as my eyes,
maybe that’s why
tonight of all nights
the earth seems so very

if only my tongue were long enough
to drink every last sight up,
and if only I were tall enough
to reach out and give the world
a hug.


The Smile to Rise

Isn’t it lovely

when you wake up

and have all the time in the world

to stretch

and yawn

and maybe think

about moving

in ten minutes

or so,

yet still lazing in bed

long after that time

has ticked by.

Isn’t it wonderful

knowing you’re awake

and, with your eyes closed,

hearing the birds chirping

the silence singing

and if you listen

very hard

you can almost hear

the clouds parting,

a gentle swish

similar to

the drawing of curtains.

Isn’t it brilliant

seeing the sun slowly rise

a sliver of gold

at first,

then bit by bit

it creeps over the horizon

and you catch the whole sun

grinning at you,

for that’s all it is

simply one great

big smile

bright enough to light up

the whole world,

it’s not just the sun

who is like that

some people

are like that too….

Isn’t it fantastic

not needing an alarm clock

to know when to stop sleeping

you’re not woken up

you wake up


without thinking,

even if you don’t want to

you can’t ignore

the chattering outside

the smile to rise

it’s like your mum

is gently waking you up

“wakey wakey

breakfast’s ready,”

and you slowly stir

at the sound of her soft voice

and stretch

and smile

your own sweet smile,

and turn on your side

and gradually sit up

and let the idea register in your head

that today

is a whole new start

a whole new beginning

to a whole new

precious day.