Your Eyes

They twinkle

don’t they

your eyes,

have you ever noticed

the way

the skin around them


with these

little indentations

when you smile,


they change colour too

going from this

hazy brown

to a burning bronze



setting my own


how do they

do that. . .

They’re delicious

aren’t they

your eyes,

they have this

beckoning glow

all of their own

as if saying

eat me,

I could stare at them

all day

just waiting

for the right moment

to put my mouth close

and gobble them up

and I bet

I bet you they taste

the same as they



Thief of the Night

I look to you
with longing
a need so intense
it can only just be satisfied.

Clouds scurry across
your beguiling, dazzling gaze
as if saying no,
you can’t have him,
he’s ours.

They hasten in pace
rolling quicker and quicker
yet somehow you’re still there

As if saying
look at me

want me,
need me,
adore me,
love me.

You are the man
I have never found,
mysterious, elusive
suave, charming,
uncommittable, gorgeous. . .

a thief of the night
stealing the show
stealing the light
stealing my heart.

Happy National Poetry Day!

The air
rich, raw

leaves my cheeks
red, rosy

Like the apples
adorning every tree,
nothing says autumn more
than an orchard of Bramleys

hanging there, seductively,
crying out to be picked
waiting to fall
into a cupped hand
or open mouth. . .

The amount of times I scrumped
during my childhood,
no wonder my hands are so deft
at picking for a living now.

The smell wafts, lingering
teasing the senses
tastebuds going crazy,
one bite
just one. . .

I lose all sense of control
crunching crisp skin, then
juicy, succulent flesh,

Nature has never tasted
so good,
life has never been
so sweet.


Hello my friend;
it’s been too long. . .

like I’ve been holding my breath underwater
and am breathing
for the first time.

I’ve changed
you haven’t,

still as Peter Pan like
as ever.


emerald green land
garnished with rocks.

Clouds above as granite grey
as the tors beneath them
a witches’ cauldron; spitting

bubbling, angrily

until it erupts
with summer rain
warm, wet

hurling from the sky
as if thrown by thunder himself.

The whole landscape shudders
expecting the sudden monsoon
over as quickly as it started;
tussocks and hills shaking their backs
like wet dogs.

Imagine pixies frolicking
amongst cotton grass,
a carpet of snow
warning of peaty bogs.

They ride sheep, jinxing them
so they stand, obstinately
in the middle of roads
just as cars want to pass.

Stubbornly standing
reproachfully staring, fixedly
with greasy grey eyes.

Lichen and moss on gnarled branches
trees stunted growth,
their only weapon to the relentless
howling wind

habit dwarf and wizened
like the hunched backs of wizards
frozen in a natural form.

This is where my heart starts
and will stop

who knows where it will lie in between. . .

There’s satisfaction in knowing
the unknown,

and seeing beauty
in the familiar,

it’s the glory
of my homeland.

Moon Ride

I would ride him
be the devil on his back
cling to his silvery flesh
rear upwards until we were taller
than the earth itself
then gallop away
far across the endless desert
of night

going so fast
we could be mistaken
for shooting stars,
a flash of white
all you see
before we disappear
the love, the light
forever ours.

You Are Everything

You are everything beautiful to me,

the first break of sunrise
staining the world gold,

the overwhelming perfume of spring flowers
infecting the air we breathe,

the moon on a silent night
releasing all the love in your heart.

You are everything real to me,

the effortless swing
of a swift in full flight,

the rumbling ache
of a thunderstorm gathering pace,

the scorching heat
of a piercing summer sky.

You are everything true to me,

a rose in bud, blooming such a scarlet red
it could rival the desert sun,

a tree in blossom, glowing such a candyfloss pink
you can almost taste the sugar on your tongue,

a bird in song, bursting such a joyful chorus
it can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

You are everything to me,

everything beautiful,
everything real,
everything true,

from here
to the ends of the earth,

to the furthest star
in the remotest galaxy,

doesn’t even come close
to how far my love
stretches for you.

Thank you for being all you are
and all you can be,

thank you for being
everything to me.

I See With My Heart

I see a saucer of milk
skimming the treetops,
I see over a dozen twin droplets
shaken from a pair of whiskers
and my heart

I see the icicle stars
diamanté paw prints
padding across the whole sky,
I see a half-smile
soon to be a grin
and I swear I see the moon slumping
heaving a contented sigh.

I see with my heart
as well as my eyes,
maybe that’s why
tonight of all nights
the earth seems so very

if only my tongue were long enough
to drink every last sight up,
and if only I were tall enough
to reach out and give the world
a hug.