NaPoWriMo #29 – Yes, You

You do it

every night

every splendid

glorious night. . .


You put sounds

into silence,

and make me tremble

with your erotic beauty,


you come out

each time

more dazzling

more amazing,

than should be possible.


You’re there

your haunting shine

piercing my soul

like lightning through my heart,


You see

with your thousands of eyes

white rosebuds 

nestled into you

curling themselves tighter

and tighter,


You light up

every shadow of the world

becoming bigger

and brighter.


You lean

lounging above

silently commanding

the universe,

the whole sky

for as far as I can see,


You sparkle

more than a diamond,

iridescently gleaming

a chunk 

of clear cut crystal,


You would be

the perfect latter

in a drink

of vodka and ice,


You lustfully leave

your imprint in my mind,

is it any wonder

I bypass day


for it to be night. . .


For you

yes, you

put the love

into life.

NaPoWriMo #28 – Land of Dreams

Beyond these walls

there’s a place away from the screams,

in my own world

my land of dreams. . .


Where shouts turn to birdsong

and cries turn to laughs,

where happiness is sunshine

banishing the dark.


Where fights are with pillows

and tears are of joy,

where there is silence

never any noise.


Where anger is unknown

and hate is love,

where lies are clouds

kept high above.


Where peace is mine

mine and yours,

echoing instead of

the banging of doors.


Beyond these walls

there’s a place where things are what they seem,

in my own world

my land of dreams. . .

NaPoWriMo #26 – Spring Green

Bathing in light

limelight green

of beech trees

in spring;


their canopy

a cathedral


as I lie beneath

on a bed of bluebells

their dizzying scent

infiltrating every sense,


purple haze contrasting with the green

that sharp, vivid green

felt even when eyes are closed


this is the colour

of dreams. . .

NaPoWriMo #23 – This Place

An arresting beauty

so sensational was this place

it buzzed, shook with life,

sending chills, shivers

shooting up my spine

into my limbs.

I could feel the viscosity

setting alight something

inside me. 


Still now, I cannot fathom

what it is

about this place

that resonates so in my heart.


Descriptions cannot capture it;

cream-capped mountains

cerulean skies bluer

than the surrounding lakes and sea,

forests ethereal and ancient

yet tantalisingly alive

and green

that green. Trees, moss, lichen, ferns

a landscape unspoilt




Some might fear the freedom

freeze amidst the isolation

but I rejoiced;

a traveller of liberation. 


This place is a friend

I never realised I had

but feel we are now connected

as if we share souls;


my mind maps and 

my thoughts inscribe

while my heart guides

the compass inside me,

to the places I have been

and the places I am yet to be.

NaPoWriMo #21 – Awakening

The awakening

of my mind; creation

imagination, elation. . .


A streak of sunlight

searing the skyline,


a whip crack of lightning

ripping the night apart,


an insurmountable snowfall

echoing white noise,


a moon, or lack of;

a hole in the night

where he should be,


or the times he is whole

and super, and all I see. . .


bulging “O” of love

bathing in albedo

an albus light.


The awakening 

of my heart; fascination, 

temptation, sensation. . .