To Be With You

I know every line

every furrow

every single indentation

in your perfect

soft face.


The strong outline

of your nose

angled and arched

when on profile,

your cheekbones

in symmetry with your ears

becoming even higher

when you smile

your killer smile…


Neat white teeth

in little rows

kept safe by your lips

almost heart-shaped,

when I catch them unaware

slightly curling over each other

they’re just begging

to be stroked.


Your hair

shining with all the colours

of the night,

not quite hiding your matching

well defined eyebrows

as they slant

nearly meeting in the middle

framing your eyes,

your gorgeous


work of art eyes…


They’re the deepest, earthiest brown

there ever could be,

as dark as freshly watered soil

as creamy as homemade hot chocolate

with swirls of caramel,

shining like a galaxy

warm and gentle and open

the same hazel as your skin,

how come there’s so much to be said

about your twin

chocolate drop eyes?


With a pitter patter of crow’s feet

when you laugh they erupt,

your haze of golden pinpricks

sparkle and dazzle

like there’s a fire dancing inside,

flames twinkling


and melting,

melting me.


I only have to look

and I’m lost

lost with no possible

hope of return,

but if I could choose

somewhere to languish forever

then there’s no other place imaginable,

no where else in the world

I would ever wish to be,

no where else I would

ever feel so alive,


I wouldn’t be lost

if I was with you,

I wouldn’t want to leave

so long as I was with you,


life is nothing without you,

life is everything

with you.



Autumn is my new year

a change of seasons

transitions are here.


New academic beginnings

leaves turning gold,

fruits for harvesting

days short, nights cold.


Time to turn the heating on

everyone is gathering wood,

feet up, fire lit,

life has never been so good.


Candles, equinox

rosehips, blackberries,

frost-laden spiderwebs

cider to get us merry.


Carving pumpkins, fireworks,

nose so numb it hurts,

poppies red, honour the dead,


Christmas carols, mistletoe

before we realise, winter is here…

where did autumn go?


All too soon January

the dreaded month, sombre and dreary,

then spring winks at us

a twinkle around the corner,


but, for now, let us enjoy autumn

for a little while longer…

Flames of the Earth

The clarity of autumn

a vibrant melody,

The last sting of nature

before winter hibernation begins,


harmonious yet contrasting

as if every leaf

on every tree

has been awoken

from their green, summer slumber.


They were the backdrop

for other dazzling floral forays,

but now they are at the forefront

they are the stars,

blazing their way forward

with limbs of fire,


they are flames of the earth

liquid ambers, ruby hues,

golden glows, rich russets,

the kisses blown from trees

carried on a September breeze

make our cheeks blush so

with an infectious glow.


I inhale the warmth

on a day so cold,

rejoicing in every way

watching autumn unfold.

Last Day of Summer

September stuns us all

breathing new life

just when we thought there was none left,

giving a glowing, jewel-toned richness

autumn dews adorn and revive,


morning mist lies low

skimming, kissing tree tops

and the bottom of valleys,

ethereal, mystical,

the sun lifting the duvet

off the world,


a radiance highlighting acers

and hydrangeas,

asters and grasses


those grasses,


stiff yet soft

palpable and powerful,

as effervescent as the fading light

dancing until we can see them no more,


in the last golden light

of the setting sun,

let us revere with the harvest moon

as the last summer day is done.

Letting Go

The trees are about to show us

how liberating it is

to let things go,


A blur of Jurassic trunks and octopus branches

once serene jades and emeralds

now spellbinding golds, rubies, ambers

fading embers falling

to leave their skeletal state

what sight is more breathtaking in winter

than these stark silhouettes against a zealous sunrise?


I relish being in attendance

with the morning mist

accompanying a hazy sunrise,

with a preponderance of golden yellow

giving the dark-red maple leaves

a rich, ornate presence

garnets in a Victorian ring.


A ripe apple or pear

their sweet aroma carried

on the crisp air,

to twist one off a branch

and sink your teeth into the crisp

sweet skin

is a primeval instinct

felt from within.


September is satisfying,

content, mellow

like an old friend

saying hello.


The anticipation of autumn

followed by winter’s slumber,

to embrace the darker months

makes the promise of spring

even sweeter.


Days are still warm

with the nights becoming cold,

teasing us with winter

yet summer still keeps hold

it’s why I adore autumn

the best of both.


Every season has its beauties

and its banes,

Nature never stays the same…


her rampant, raging, riotous essence

a passion so rife

it cannot be controlled,

living within me, always

fuelling my heart, my mind,

my soul.

A New Year

September is the time

when we slow

it’s time to reap

what we have sown.


Summer feels fantastic

but frantic,

we are bumblebees and butterflies

flittering, fluttering

from one thing to the next,

festivals, holidays

making the most of the long days

and light nights,

the anticipation almost greater

than the season itself.


Memories of the summer gone by

keep us cosy in oppressive winter,

safe, warm, dry

on the coldest of days

you can sometimes see our wistful sighs.


Now we create our autumn cocoon

from which we watch the harvest moon

and surrounding stars,


spherical white fire

on a bed of ivory embers


this is September.


I ride with nature

come sun, snow, wind or rain,

following the rhythmic cycle

with each seasonal change.


Autumn symbolises a new year

a shift of senses until spring

when the year begins again.


It doesn’t matter how many autumns I have seen

just because I have seen one

doesn’t mean I have seen them all,


for each time I see a leaf turn

senescence before the fall,

and a cacophony of colours cloak

a green, grey land

it feels more magical, more meaningful

than the time before.


We have lost the art of appreciating

the here and now

we no longer see

what is in front of us

only what is on our screen,


the art of slowing down…

we need to stop

physically and mentally

close our eyes

and breathe;


the more you look

the more you see,

the more you observe

the more you appreciate

Nature’s subtle beauty.


Changing is learning

learning is growing

growing is living

so live,


yesterday has passed

tomorrow yet to arrive,

live in the moment

focus on the present

and treasure being alive.

Your Eyes

They twinkle

don’t they

your eyes,

have you ever noticed

the way

the skin around them


with these

little indentations

when you smile,


they change colour too

going from this

hazy brown

to a burning bronze



setting my own


how do they

do that. . .

They’re delicious

aren’t they

your eyes,

they have this

beckoning glow

all of their own

as if saying

eat me,

I could stare at them

all day

just waiting

for the right moment

to put my mouth close

and gobble them up

and I bet

I bet you they taste

the same as they