I give you my hand, and my heart;
I promise to cherish and respect you
care and protect you,
I will be your light in the dark.

I promise to love you when the rain falls
and when the sun shines;
in sickness and in health
in sorrow and in success
I will be with you for a lifetime.

Living, learning, loving
together, forever
and always.

*Happy Valentine’s Day to the best boyfriend ever. . . Love you forever and always xxxx


You and Me

I see the Marmite night sky
the exact shade of your eyes,

I see the strong, tall trees
their trunks matching your taut, broad thighs.

I see the sun’s golden rays
lighting the landscape with growth,

as radiant as your smile
which always fills me with hope.

I see the morning mist
slowly evaporating from the air,

yet no matter what happens you never disappear
when I need you you’re magically there.

I see cool raindrops falling
pattering lightly on my forehead,

as sweet and refreshing as the kisses you give me
which send me to sleep when I’m lying awake in bed.

I see a rainbow enveloping the whole sky
a glowing gateway from above,

as colourful and eternal
as our love.

I see a new day dawning
sparkling and new,

I see our future together
and it feels good enough to be true,

because you have me
and I have you.


He rises
like steam


my back is turned
but instinct tells me
he’s there.

I would abolish all street lighting
every city in the world
would hail darkness

so all could notice
could marvel

He’s an angel who guides me
my white knight
from above
and within,

my love
will always be

To Be With You

I know every line

every furrow

every single indentation

in your perfect

soft face.


The strong outline

of your nose

angled and arched

when on profile,

your cheekbones

in symmetry with your ears

becoming even higher

when you smile

your killer smile…


Neat white teeth

in little rows

kept safe by your lips

almost heart-shaped,

when I catch them unaware

slightly curling over each other

they’re just begging

to be stroked.


Your hair

shining with all the colours

of the night,

not quite hiding your matching

well defined eyebrows

as they slant

nearly meeting in the middle

framing your eyes,

your gorgeous


work of art eyes…


They’re the deepest, earthiest brown

there ever could be,

as dark as freshly watered soil

as creamy as homemade hot chocolate

with swirls of caramel,

shining like a galaxy

warm and gentle and open

the same hazel as your skin,

how come there’s so much to be said

about your twin

chocolate drop eyes?


With a pitter patter of crow’s feet

when you laugh they erupt,

your haze of golden pinpricks

sparkle and dazzle

like there’s a fire dancing inside,

flames twinkling


and melting,

melting me.


I only have to look

and I’m lost

lost with no possible

hope of return,

but if I could choose

somewhere to languish forever

then there’s no other place imaginable,

no where else in the world

I would ever wish to be,

no where else I would

ever feel so alive,


I wouldn’t be lost

if I was with you,

I wouldn’t want to leave

so long as I was with you,


life is nothing without you,

life is everything

with you.