To Die

To live on in others hearts

a light of love never to die,

to be alive as a memory

an idea let loose in the sky,

to give comfort and even hope

through the tears we cry,

to be a breath of air always

with wings to freely fly,

to still be joined with those you love

is not to die.


The Kiss

Your nose
strong, angular
nuzzles into the nape
of my neck

as one hand
softly strokes my spine
fingers moving
slowly, sensually
up and down,

the other
gently squeezing
my waist
down to my thigh,
a gradual flush
spreads across
my whole body

a silent sigh
escapes from my lips
hopefully muffled
by your hair
just covering
my mouth.

my head resting
on your shoulder
a worn,
bristly stubble
scratching my cheek
I can feel
the warmth
the heat
from our bodies
pressed tight
against one another
so willingly. . .

the scent
of your skin
so sweet, so
I can’t resist
I have to reach out
hesitantly tracing
my fingers
round the outline
of your chest

we’re standing so close
cheek to cheek
hip to hip
I can feel
every muscle
in your body
I bet even the hairs
on your arms
are standing firm

I have to concentrate
on keeping
every part
of my body
under control
before I become
moist. . .

You lift
your head
and look
just look at me,
I get lost
in those dark pools
of yours

I never noticed
how the stars
the whole galaxy
are held in your eyes,

you come
so close
every feature
becomes a blur
but I feel you smile
as we touch
for the one
the only
kiss. . .

The Eye of the World

I saw him tonight
the eye of the world,

he was poised so perfectly
a crescent of beauty

he looked like a white flame
nestled on a slow burn,

with a haze surrounding him
making his arch of sharpness
seem all the more defined.

I’d love to pluck him from the sky
and wear him as my only diamond

polished, with a hint of rough,
yet somehow he seems
perfection itself.

I love how this always happens
my mind wandering and
poetry forming. . .

for as long as I live
I hope the night
will always be an open book

with the moon its spine
and the stars all the words in between,

with the sky my pot of ink
waiting for the touch of my hand,

for inspiration to remain as endless
as the darkness before me,

for as long as I live
for as long as I breathe

may life always be my dream. . .

The Smile to Rise

Isn’t it lovely

when you wake up

and have all the time in the world

to stretch

and yawn

and maybe think

about moving

in ten minutes

or so,

yet still lazing in bed

long after that time

has ticked by.

Isn’t it wonderful

knowing you’re awake

and, with your eyes closed,

hearing the birds chirping

the silence singing

and if you listen

very hard

you can almost hear

the clouds parting,

a gentle swish

similar to

the drawing of curtains.

Isn’t it brilliant

seeing the sun slowly rise

a sliver of gold

at first,

then bit by bit

it creeps over the horizon

and you catch the whole sun

grinning at you,

for that’s all it is

simply one great

big smile

bright enough to light up

the whole world,

it’s not just the sun

who is like that

some people

are like that too….

Isn’t it fantastic

not needing an alarm clock

to know when to stop sleeping

you’re not woken up

you wake up


without thinking,

even if you don’t want to

you can’t ignore

the chattering outside

the smile to rise

it’s like your mum

is gently waking you up

“wakey wakey

breakfast’s ready,”

and you slowly stir

at the sound of her soft voice

and stretch

and smile

your own sweet smile,

and turn on your side

and gradually sit up

and let the idea register in your head

that today

is a whole new start

a whole new beginning

to a whole new

precious day.


I stare, awe-struck
wondering if you can hear
my trembling heartbeat
beating faster and faster in my chest,

I dare not
breathe you in all at once
for I fear if I drink you up now
there won’t be any of you left tomorrow. . .

Looking at you
is like viewing the world
in black and white;

opulent white
instead of a trembling blue
husky grey
instead of a raw green,

making a patchwork map
you are the earth
in monochrome.

When I hold up my hand
and spread my palm wide
you fit snugly
in the centre

like a coin
a ten pence piece
which has been flipped
and landed, seemingly random
but almost perfectly so.

You are the reason
people get cricked necks,
you lift the head
as hope lifts the soul,

your craters and dents
like ribs on a skeleton
your sleek flesh stretched across
to within an inch of their lives.

Your heart sends a beam
out amongst the stars,

it’s the light
at the end of the tunnel,
the breath of relief
in the mournful, winter nights,

you are the stopper
to our eternal sighs,
may one day you burst forth
and flood the whole skies.