The Kiss

Your nose
strong, angular
nuzzles into the nape
of my neck

as one hand
softly strokes my spine
fingers moving
slowly, sensually
up and down,

the other
gently squeezing
my waist
down to my thigh,
a gradual flush
spreads across
my whole body

a silent sigh
escapes from my lips
hopefully muffled
by your hair
just covering
my mouth.

my head resting
on your shoulder
a worn,
bristly stubble
scratching my cheek
I can feel
the warmth
the heat
from our bodies
pressed tight
against one another
so willingly. . .

the scent
of your skin
so sweet, so
I can’t resist
I have to reach out
hesitantly tracing
my fingers
round the outline
of your chest

we’re standing so close
cheek to cheek
hip to hip
I can feel
every muscle
in your body
I bet even the hairs
on your arms
are standing firm

I have to concentrate
on keeping
every part
of my body
under control
before I become
moist. . .

You lift
your head
and look
just look at me,
I get lost
in those dark pools
of yours

I never noticed
how the stars
the whole galaxy
are held in your eyes,

you come
so close
every feature
becomes a blur
but I feel you smile
as we touch
for the one
the only
kiss. . .


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